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"Though Edgewood is an iconic institution, one of the oldest child services organizations west of the Mississippi, and relatively complex with its budget of nearly $25 million, we were greatly stressed by huge shifts in our funding streams, increases in the costs of serving our children, and the loss of our CEO. The advice we received from a variety of sources -- that Rusher Loscavio and Bob Fisher were the go-to experts for us -- was confirmed after we considered a diversity of reputable search firms. Thank goodness for our choice, as the Rusher firm was there for our board and staff at every turn, providing consulting advice that carried us through a prolonged transition, and enabled us to come out in the end as winners -- stronger as an organization, more aligned as a board and staff, and with a new, effective CEO. A subsequent search for which we selected Rusher Loscavio was for the Executive Director of the Edgewood Institute, similarly challenging, similarly successful. Thank you, Bob and Mike; thank you, Rusher Loscavio."

Brooke Shields
Former Board Chair &
Chair of the CEO Search Committee
Edgewood Center for Children and Families

Who We Are

Since 1977, Rusher Loscavio has been perhaps the most preeminent national mid-sized executive search firm headquartered in San Francisco. Honorary Life Partner Bill Rusher and Managing Partner Mike Loscavio, subsequently joined by Bob LoPresto, Bob Kile and others built a firm with an impeccable national reputation. The nonprofit practice of the firm was transformed in 2004 when Bob Fisher, Director of The San Francisco Foundation (ret'd) brought his national reputation and decades of actual nonprofit CEO experience to the leadership of the nonprofit practice.

Rusher Loscavio Fisher Nonprofit Executive Search embeds its incomparable capacities as recruiters in the context of providing transition management services - any and all for one inclusive executive search fee. There are "recruiters;" there are "executive search consultants;" there are "transition management experts." The last is the highest level of sophistication, embraces the lesser functions, and amplifies the impact of every leadership placement. Every nonprofit leadership position change presents both opportunities and challenges; the role of RLF is to be your confidante, your advisor, your source of support in every possible way to take advantage of the transition to new leadership. We help organizations to be successful by being everywhere you need us to be.

What We Provide

  • Experience, Integrity, Intelligence - and the leaders you seek for your critical leadership positions.
  • The most experienced two-partner nonprofit executive search team in the United States will support your assessment of the ideal leader you seek.
  • Nearly 40 years of talent-tracking in the world of nonprofits, an unmatched knowledge of California, and a huge network and database of contacts at every level become yours.
  • Industry leadership in reference checking, resume audits, compensation packaging and negotiations, become yours.
  • Our unparalleled results - 100% completion of searches, length of service by our placements, long guarantees, attractive fees - win lasting loyalty among nonprofit clients like you.