"Your extensive conversations with trustees/staff/constituents not only guided your search to a great result, they revealed to us that a series of "bootstrap meetings" were needed to reach consensus and solidify support about our Master Plan. The short list of candidates were all spectacularly qualified and experienced, but in quite unique and individual ways. You orchestrated a set of choices to help us think hard about our real needs going forward, and to learn more about our priorities. Your mountains of experience, Bob, are all wrapped up with very genuine warmth and superb listening/analytical/synthesizing skills. Mike was the 'mythic presence' making sure it all went right. We really made the right choice of a search firm! Heartfelt thanks."

Janet Dowling Sands
Chair, Board Presidential Search Committee
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Executive Search: Nonprofit Leadership Transition in San Francisco, CA

Major institutions, mid-size and grassroots nonprofit organizations are leadership-driven. The leadership needs of nonprofits are never greater than at the time of transition in chief executive or executive team positions. Here at Rusher Loscavio Fisher, we are experts at nonprofit leadership transition in San Francisco, CA, and beyond. Vision, passion, energy, specialist knowledge, financial acumen, natural ability in fundraising, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are all qualities we seek and find in the right leader. Every day, we meet the challenge, as leadership recruiters, of identifying and involving exceptional executive talents who have the skills to manage up to boards, manage out to external constituencies, and manage down to operations and staff at every level. We are there in every way for you.

  • We know where to find leaders
  • We value diversity and frequently discover ideal leaders in unlikely places
  • We know how to identify those leaders who are ideal fits with the challenges of a position and who resonate with the values, aspirations, knowledge and skills our nonprofit clients require.

Nonprofit leadership transition is at the center of every executive search engagement we undertake. But a successful transition in leadership is only partially the recruitment of the right successor leader; board, staff, and the constituencies served by our nonprofit clients are more often than not in need of considerable support through such a transition. So, our job includes:

  • Alignment. Making sure through front-end interviewing of board and staff and discussions of any differences in opinion about the leadership needs of the organization or its future direction that alignment is achieved before an executive is selected. Our role is to help you come together as one before you risk selecting an executive who does not fit the requirements upon which you can agree.
  • Organizational integration and development. There is no better time than during replacement of key executive team leaders to discuss what you are, what you would like to be, and what kind of leader can help you achieve your objectives. You should experience the transition/executive search process as a team-building experience that makes you a more effective organization.
  • Building a foundation for change. Not infrequently, a leadership change in a nonprofit is a warning sign of mission drift, deteriorating morale, risk of loss of more effective staff, defection of board members or other volunteers. The best medicine for such uncertainty and malaise is a healthy transition and executive search process owned by all, aimed at unifying, solidifying, healing, poising for the future. Our responsibility is to facilitate your process.

Whether in education, health, arts & culture, social services, or philanthropy, Rusher Loscavio Fisher brings maturity, wisdom, and discretion to the process in which executive search is embedded. We are organizational development and search experts with broad responsibility for supporting you through your leadership changes. Our record of success is unmatched. RLF is everywhere you need us to be.